SIZES: Safety Gates from 800mm to over 15 metres.

FIXING METHOD: Face fit, reveal fit, freestanding hoarding.

FIX TO: Concrete, blockwork, brick, timber, steel and glass.

HIRE: No minimum duration. Installation or training for self-install.



Safegate Standard is an innovative light weight, proprietary edge protection system that provides a simple solution to lift shafts, riser cupboards, ventilation and electrical areas for the construction industry. Tested to BS EN 13374:2013 Class A & B


Safegate Solid Smoke & Fire Reduction Gate is an alternative to the Safegate, when fire and smoke reduction is required.  The Safegate Solid is fitted flush to the wall structure minimising any gaps reducing fire and smoke release.


Safegate Double is designed to assist with the loading out into the lift shaft. The 1600mm opening reduces the need to remove the edge protection once the safety gates have been installed.

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Safegate2 days ago
Our Safegate will protect your workers from debris whilst they work inside a lift shaft and significantly reduce the risk of injury and death.
SAFEGATE2 days ago
We have been supplying the SAFEGATE system to most of the UK’s leading construction and lift companies since inception. The SAFEGATE provides the perfect solution to guard against falls during construction and installation of lift and service equipment.
Safegate - Lift Shaft Safety
Safegate - Lift Shaft Safety2 days ago

SAFEGATE is an innovative edge protection system that provides a simple solution to lift shafts, riser cupboards, confined spaces, ventilation and electrical areas to the construction industry.
Designed with the installer in mind, the SAFEGATE system boasts several lightweight components and safety features...