About Us

Welcome to Safegate

CJS Safety Systems Ltd is the UK’s leading lift shaft edge protection hire company based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. Established in 2003 by owners, Clive, Jackie and Simon Fletcher, we have evolved into a bustling business, providing safety solutions to thousands of construction sites across the UK. 

Our mission

CJS Safety Systems Ltd makes safe construction sites, safer. Your workers deserve to feel secure in their working environment, which our lift shaft safety gates help you achieve. 

CJS Safety Systems Ltd are continually testing and developing more efficient solutions to ensure your construction site is sound and totally protected.

We have a refined selection of proprietary edge protection solutions, including the Safegate Standard, Safegate Solid (Fire & smoke reduction), and Safegate Double. We also have more products currently under development and can provide clients with a unique and bespoke solution for any site requirements.

CJS Safety Systems Ltd goes above and beyond to achieve excellence, both in the easy functionality of our gates, and your customer experience. We work closely alongside you to solve even the most challenging demands and reach the highest of safety standards for your project. 

We do this by assigning a project manager to you, who will personally assess your requirements and your site to determine the best solution for your project. Your project manager will offer technical detailing and support, supervise our field engineers throughout the project, liaise with main contractors and solve any problems you may encounter during your hire. 

Our experts guarantee respect, open communication and integrity to achieve your goals.

About our Products

CJS Safety Systems Ltd offers a selection of lift shaft safety gates that can be fitted to all types of surfaces, including concrete, blockwork, brick, timber, steel and glass. Whether you’re looking for face-fit, reveal-fit, or a completely free-standing Safegate, we’ll have something to suit your specifications. 

Each of our Safegates are sturdy and reliable, and will remain secure until they’re dismantled. Safegate Standard gates offer basic protection, preventing falling materials into the lift shaft and shield site staff while working. 

Safegate Solid takes the properties of the Standard gate but goes a step further with fire and smoke reducing features to impede the spread of fire. 

The Safegate Double increases the shaft access size to 1515mm to assist with the loading out into the lift core.

CJS Safety Systems Ltd lift shaft safety gates are rigorously tested to meet BS EN:13374 standards and ensure compliance with industry safety standards across the board.

If you’d like to learn more about our Safegates or our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help

What Makes CJS Safety Systems Ltd Different?

CJS Safety Systems Ltd provides the complete package. We design, deliver, install and remove our gates to your schedule, offering complete flexibility. 

The key difference in our products is that the Safegate systems are modular, allowing for easy egress through the building once the lift doors have been installed. The systems are man-portable and, because of their modular nature, can be configured in an infinite number of design solutions.

It’s not only our services that are one-of-a-kind, our unmistakable orange lift shaft safety gates are the only lift shaft gates in the UK that can be fit to glass. So we’re confident that any seemingly tricky or challenging requirements your project has, we can meet them. 

Our CSCS-certified and Edge Protection Federation qualified engineers are equipped and prepared to travel nationwide to install your lift shaft safety gate. But if you’d prefer to install your gate yourself, we offer extensive in-house or on-site training. This qualifies the participants to install Safegate products for 12 months if the training is carried out on site or 3 years if the enhanced training is completed at our head office, and opens the doors to additional qualifications in the future. 

CJS Safety Systems Ltd values transparency. So you won’t be faced with any unexpected costs during your hire with us. 

We have earned an impressive collection of accreditations and certifications with various organisations, which include EPF, HAE, Constructionline, Alcumus, and CHAS. So you can expect 5-star service from true industry experts.

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