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Safegate is the UK’s leader in lift-shaft edge protection safety.  The BS EN:13374 tested and certified system can be installed on any surface, including glass or polished concrete, and will be configured for your specific requirements. What you need to know about us is that our systems can be face fit, reveal fit or completely free standing and can also be pre-installed on prefabricated lift-shafts and modular buildings or installed as the core is formed from the jump prior to floors going in. The system comes in several variants including, Standard, Solid (smoke & fire reduction) and the patented Double access gate which aids access and egress into the shaft while loading out.

Safegate have designed and developed the proven and highly successful lightweight, man portable Safegate lift shaft gate protection system to be easily installed and just as easy to remove through the finished building. The system is suitable for structural openings from 800mm to over 15 metres.

Safegate has been supplying the system to the majority of the UK’s leading construction and lift companies since our inception. The Safegate provides the perfect solution to guard against falls during construction phase, through to lift installation, protecting personnel from falls and protecting operatives in the shaft from falling debris from above.

We offer a full supply, installation & removal service, or certified training and supply only for self-installation. Both options are supported with a 24h maintenance and repair service. Our dedicated team of engineers undertake regular training and are all Edge Protection Federation accredited edge protection operatives.

Safegate will work with you to come up with any bespoke requirements you may have. Our in-house design team can design and test solutions to any perceived problem and we manufacture locally any additional parts that you may require to suit your site conditions.

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