Installation & Removal

Safegate systems must only be installed, maintained and removed by trained, competent and certified operatives.

All Safegate operatives are Edge Protection Federation Certified Blue Skilled Edge Protection Installer CSCS card holders.

On any site that requires 10 or more Safegates, CJS will send a Project Manager or senior supervisor to attend a site induction and complete an initial pre installation site survey report.

This report is to ensure the suitability of the Safegate system, and to ascertain any pre-requisite forms that are required by the site,  recommended labour requirements for the complexity of the project, identify any hazards and potential issues which may have an impact on the safety of CJS personnel and to ensure a safe installation procedure can be produced.

After the initial site survey, the operative will meet with the site management team to discuss any issues discovered and work out solutions to benefit all parties involved to enable works to proceed unhindered.

Once the report has been produced a site-specific Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) will be written and submitted via email to the client for approval. (We will need written approval from the client for CJS to liaise with the site contractor directly, if the site contractor is not the client).

Once the RAMS are approved, a date can then be allocated for the works to commence.

The day proceeding any site work or deliveries a member of our operations team will contact the client and or site for confirmation for the works to proceed.

CJS will attend the site induction were the operatives will submit all relevant training documentation. (Face-Fit Test report, Edge Protection Federation card, CSCS card, Safegate competency card etc.) CJS operatives will then be briefed on the RAMS by the supervisor and then are required to sign to confirm their understanding.

The supervisor will contact the site management team to clarify the planned works and also make arrangements to carry out the inspection training with the nominated site personnel once all the Safegates have been installed

The supervisor will then carry out an on-site Job Hazard Analysis report to identify any hazards or issues which may prevent or delay the safe installation of the Safegate system. If any issues are found these will be brought to the attention of the site management team to enable the site management team to rectify the issues as soon as reasonably practical.

If safe to continue as per approved RAMS the operatives will then proceed to load out the Safegates and components to the designated floors and begin installing the Safegates under supervision. The Safegates are usually installed from the lowest entrance to the highest, this is to minimise any person entering the lift shaft below while the Safegates are installed above.

Once all the Safegates have been installed the supervisor will complete all the necessary paperwork and report to the site management team, he will than arrange to conduct a short inspection training session with the appointed site personnel.

On completion of the training course and relevant registration documents, your inspector will be certified to inspect the Safegate system at any UK site for a duration of twelve months. Inspection competency cards will be issued to the site manager by CJS Safety Systems in the following days and all signed training documents will be scanned and forwarded, allowing you to keep the site training/competency files up to date.