SAFEGATE systems must only be installed, maintained and removed by trained, competent and certified operatives.

CJS Safety Systems provide customers with the option to train their operatives, allowing greater flexibility with on-site workflow, whilst retaining the highest levels of Health and Safety with an auditable competency paperwork trail.

CJS Safety Systems can provide the CITB certified Edge Protection Federation Operatives course in full or if preferred, the on-site SAFEGATE proprietary edge protection specific training.

The CITB certified Edge Protection Federation training can be delivered at our training facility in Warwickshire or in a customer supplied training room anywhere in the UK. This will be a 3½ hour course followed by the SAFEGATE specific proprietary training.

The proprietary edge protection training sessions can be provided both on-site or at the CJS Safety Systems offices in Warwickshire and takes approximately 3½ hours. Delegates will be provided with all the necessary paperwork.

Our SAFEGATE trainer will ensure that your operatives are able to carry out full installation and removal of the SAFEGATE system and are fully compliant with the weekly onsite integrity checks, which is carried out by your fully trained operative.

Training sessions include an in-depth safety talk on all safety requirements, responsibilities and safety equipment required to install and remove the SAFEGATE system.

The SAFEGATE installation sequence is discussed in depth, and the SAFEGATE will be demonstrated by our trainer. Delegates will then be able to get hands-on with the system during the practical part of the session, enabling them to become familiar with the SAFEGATE system and its capabilities.

A short test will conclude the session, allowing you to be confident that your operatives have complete understanding of the installation process and are competent, giving you peace of mind that the SAFEGATE system will be fully maintained for the duration of your project.

On completion of the training course and relevant registration documents, your operatives will be certified to install and remove the Safegate system at any UK site for a duration of twelve months. Installation competency cards will be issued to the site manager by CJS Safety Systems in the following days and all signed training documents will be scanned and forwarded, allowing you to keep the site training/competency files up to date.

CJS will continue to support all trained personnel and will revisit the site between 2 and 4 weeks after your operatives begin installing the safety gates. We will conduct an audit of all installed gates ensuring that the integrity of the system has not been compromised and will offer advice or retraining as required.