Customising your lift shaft edge protection equipment is the best way to ensure complete suitability for your project. Fortunately, there are several variations of lift shaft safety gates here at Safegate to help you achieve this. But what are they? And which would best suit you?

The Necessity of Lift Shaft Edge Protection

Before we discuss the types of lift shaft safety gates we have here at Safegate, we’d like to emphasise the importance of installing a high-quality safety gate for your lift shaft. 

Falling while working at heights was responsible for 36% of fatal accidents at work in 2022/2023. It is often the case that a lack of adequate edge protection equipment is the direct cause of the fatalities. So by implementing the correct preventative measures, many fatal and non-fatal accidents could be avoided.

Lift Shaft Edge Protection is an extremely effective method of protecting your colleagues while on site. Not only from falls but tumbling objects too. Construction sites can be volatile environments, and randomly-placed pieces of equipment and materials can be accidentally dropped or kicked off a lift shaft edge. 

The kinetic energy these objects generate while falling can cause serious damage and possibly fatalities. But lift shaft safety gates can prevent these items from entering an exposed shaft and will cause minimal damage to the gate itself on impact.

Your Options for Lift Shaft Safety Gates

Here at Safegate, we have three variations of lift shaft safety gates for hire that provide identical protection but slightly different benefits. The safety gate that will work best for your lift shaft depends on several factors. Which we will discuss in further detail below:

Safegate Standard

Our Standard safety gates are a simple proprietary edge protection system for lift shafts, riser cupboards, ventilation areas and electrical areas. 

Their construction allows airflow while creating a barrier between the lift shaft and your staff. 

The Safegate Standard is characterised by the stable door with secondary action opening, which prevents the doors from being accessed accidentally.


Safegate Solid

Our Solid lift shaft safety gates offer the additional benefit of fire and smoke reduction, which our other gates can’t achieve. 

The Solid safety gate can be installed face-fit and reveal, depending on your preferences.


Safegate Double

Our Safegate Double has a larger opening for equipment to ingress and egress.

As is the case with all our gates, we can extend the Safegate Double lengthways as far as needed to cover the entirety of your lift shaft opening.


Why Choose Safegate?

We are the UK’s leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of lift shaft edge protection. All of our lift shaft safety gates are tested to BS EN 13374:2013 Class A & B standards to ensure full compliance with safety regulations. So you can rest assured your gate will offer faultless protection for as long as you need it. 

We deliver our safety gates across the UK and offer extended hire periods to ensure your colleagues are safe while working for the entirety of your project. 

Contact us now to find out more about our safety gates. If you need further guidance, our experts will help you decide which gate would work best for you.